you build together, you also bim together

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We work together in an open approach and with competences like a ‘critical attitude’ and ‘an ability to make logical connections’. We control the building process and focus ourselves on teambuilding, with the goal to make a good plan as a collective. Working on projects that are better, faster, cheaper, and that are a pleasure to develop. The ways of collaborating can be different, but terms like co-makership, LEAN-working, chain cooperation and BIM are very well known by us.

Sitting with a contractor at an early stage of the design gives many advantages and opportunities. With as result a predictable and continuous process, a reliable price, an a reduction on mistakes. A total collaboration is successfully working together with more quality within a standard design or lower prices, where BIM is the perfect tool to achieve this.   

The BIM model for the project ‘Dorpshuis Zwanenburg’ has been developed by an interdisciplinary team. Heren 5 worked together with Pieters Bouwtechniek, INNAX, Alcedo, and NIBE on the model, which was used by all the parties during the building process. It gave more insight to the building an all its junctions, for instance for the complex roofline of the building. The BIM model provided a clear and early view in the process to show spatial an financial consequences of the architecture, construction and installations.

Heren 5 has been drawing 3D since 2013, to make an easy transition to work with BIM in future projects.   

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